Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Best Chicken Taco Marinade Ever

Best Chicken Taco Marinade Ever

I don't make a ton of things really well but I will proclaim to the world that I (through trial and error) have come up with the BEST CHICKEN TACO MARINADE EVER!

My kids have made me swear it to family only... but I'm a new blog/vlog/podcast and since you're here early on in our life you ARE family so I'll share it with you. 

Here's what you'll need (and know I am not traditional in my measurements - I'm a home cook who "eyeballs"):

You'll also need a ziploc style freezer bag. 

First add a couple glugs of olive oil to that ziploc bag. 
Add an equal amount of soy sauce. 
Now throw a few shakes of your favorite hot sauce in there. We love Cholula. Add more if you like-a-da-spice, less if you don't love to feel the burn.
Put a few shakes of Worcestershire Sauce in there... now here comes the dry spice!
A couple shakes of dried oregano.
A few shakes of garlic powder and onion powder.
A couple shakes of paprika, cumin, and chili powder.
A few cranks of black pepper.
And the juice of one lime.
Squish that around in the bag to mix and it should look something like this:


And that's the marinade. From there, tonight I chopped up 1.2 pounds of boneless chicken breast:

And threw that in the bag and squished it around to really mix up well:

Marinate for 30 minutes and pop in your hot pan. Don't overcrowd the pan or too much moisture will be let off from the chicken and you won't get that nice yummy caramelization on the outside of the chicken.

After cooking all of your chicken, reserve it aside and cook all of your veggies in the same pan - peppers, onions, garlic, etc. Once the peppers start to limp up a little add your chicken back in. Add a little cheddar cheese to the pan - just a sprinkle on top, mix, and you'll have this:

Grab the tortillas and toppings and it's dinner time!!
Oh and if you have a super cute helper who's really good at making homemade guac, that's clutch too:

If you try making this marinade, let me know how it turns out!!
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